EQ's reach Expands across an audience of 11 million highly engaged consumers

Our in house creative agency responsible for curating some of the world’s first of their kind brand collaborations and partnerships. Focused on both digital and in person activations, our goal is to bring never before seen brand partnerships to life!

Our brand & agency partners relish in our talent’s GenZ/Millennial/BIPOC prism which intersects and aligns with their key themes and objectives.

We are a true one stop shop for creative and execution of campaigns for our brand clients. We have the most diverse talent ecosystem with their audiences locked in on every type of Canadian consumer. This creates a rare and unique opportunity for your brand to become part of a digital waterfall.

Plug into a Digital Waterfall

How we work with our brand partners


First step is to understand our brand clients key objectives. What does the brand want to be known for? What are the most important messages consumers should we aware of? What are fun exciting things coming down the pipeline for the brand that our team needs to know and get ahead of!


Step two is to identity the budget the brand can allocate to the campaign or partnership. We also need to define the timing and start to set aside a calendar as talent's social/editorial calendars get full quickly!


Third step is for the EQreative team to select the best talent that maps to your bran objectives. We then start to curate the creative and share collaboratively before having the talent dive in. Once the creative and talent are set in place the content starts to go live!

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